Klas presents his master thesis

Today Klas presented his master thesis is Image Analysis of Yeast Cell Lineages.
Klas was working on the extraction of cell lineages from microscopy images displaying a growing yeast cell population. To do so, he has developed a program that is able to detect cells, track them over successive images and collect physical information of the cells, such as cell sizes, positions and mother-daughter relationships in the lineage.
To connect mothers to respective daughter cells in the lineage, the cell positions and the activity of a protein called Whi5 that indicates cell growth were used. Incorporating these two parameters, a measure to estimate the suitability of each mother-daughter connection was defined and used to reconstruct the complete lineage from the microscopy data.
Klas program enables reliable extraction of time-lapse imaging data that can in the future provide new insights into ageing.

Klas is continuing his adventures as a data scientist at Ericsson!