June, 2018

We have 2 fully funded positions in systems biology of ageing. We are looking for one PhD student and one postdoc candidate.

The projects are at the interface between mathematics and biology to address central problems of cellular ageing. Mathematical modelling and biological experiments will be closely integrated into most of the work. Ageing is a process consisting of many interacting subsystems, it is necessary to account for numerous factors simultaneously by applying large-scale modelling approaches. It is tightly coupled to metabolic processes like energy metabolism and nutrient availability. As sensors of the current environmental status, nutrient signalling pathways represent central ageing regulators. The successful candidate will contribute to our efforts to integrate and interrogate key signalling pathways that sense altered nutrient availability and deviations from intracellular homeostasis. The goal is to gain a better understanding of their contributions in yeast ageing and their pivotal role in longevity and healthy span.

For PhD position apply here: https://goo.gl/XBpmZf

For postdoc position send your CV and Personal Statement to Marija.