Barbara strikes again

Barbara has been awarded the best PhD thesis award in 2022 at the Natural Science Faculty, University of Gothenburg!

We are super proud and happy!

Read an interview here: best thesis
Barbara’s thesis: Thesis

And the motivation for the award:
Barbara Schnitzer’s thesis contributes to a better understanding of ageing in unicellular organisms, moving the field toward large-scale models to investigate synergistic effects of multiple pathways on longevity and health span. In her thesis, Barbara developed the largest available mathematical model of yeast replicative ageing that connects three major ageing processes: damage accumulation, nutrient signalling and metabolism. The model is also validated for many protein knockouts and suggests intervention strategies that lead to prolonged health span, laying a foundation for one of the key priorities of UN sustainability goals – finding equitable solutions to ensure that we are not only living longer but that we are staying healthier longer in life. Barbara has worked alongside molecular biologists, showing very good coordination and planning skills. She has also demonstrated a strong will to take a leading role and maturity to drive the work forward in the multidisciplinary team.