Welcome Sveta, Sarah and Sebastian

Summer is going to be super busy! We have a pleasure to host 3 new guest researchers!

Sviatlana Shashkova is a postdoctoral research fellow at Biophysics group at the University of York. She has received FEMS fellowship and will be working on Mig1 expression regulation.

Sarah Lecinski is an ITN PhD student at Biophysics group at the University of York. Sarah is part of SynCrop project together with our Patrick and is currently doing research exchange in our group learning how to separate yeast cells of different age fractions.

Sebastian Persson is master student at Engineering Mathematics master program at Chalmers. He will be spending this summer as a intern in our group working on the non-linear mix effect modelling of SUC2 response in Snf1 signalling pathway. Sebastian did his bachelor project with us last year and it is great to have him around again!