Workshop on Modelling in Biology and Medicine

It all started during one group lunch…and one year later Johannes, Barbara, Felix and Filip did it.
A joint effort by PhD students from our Department and from the Department of Biology and Biological Engineering resulted in fantastic two-day Workshop on mathematical modelling with application in biology and medicine.

Great lineup of speakers with 60 registered participants from several Swedish Universities made a great platform for exchanging ideas, discussing problems and establishing new collaborations, networking and exploring possibilities for the career outside academia.

The core of the Workshop were PhD students and postdocs delivering talks and presenting posters about their research.

Invited guests included Matteo Barberis, Univeristy of Surrey, UK, Francesco Gatto, Elypta, Eric Libby, Umeå University , Marina Rafajlovic, University of Gothenburg and Peter Gennemark, AstraZeneca.

The lectures covered examples from both industry and academia and participants were introduced to the broad range of methods and applications, including the development of new therapeutics. Francesco Gatto shared his experiences in starting a successful start-up from a PhD research project.

Thanx to all participants and particularly to fantastic-four for organization.

See you next Spring in Göteborg!

Organizers- the fantastic four!
Niek in action
Closing – see you in Göteborg next year!