The Boolean paper is out!

We celebrated in style the first group only paper! Fantastic work by Niek, Barbara and Linnea!

We developed a vector based Boolean logic model of yeast signalling pathways, contributing to the understanding of the function and importance of crosstalk in nutrient signalling. We introduced a vector description of the number of states, enriching the information content of classical Boolean approaches (on/off states) and built a modular framework with intuitive way of adding new pathways.  Our findings are validated by experimental study of protein localization and RNA expression. The main take home messages are:

  • identification of characteristics and impact of pathway interconnections
  • PKA pathway as established crosstalk towards other pathways that are vital for the correct functioning of the nutrient sensing network
  • importance of the PKA pathway as regulator of nutrient sensor and suggest PKA pathway as a possible intervention point for drugs targeting nutrient sensing in cancer cells
  • identification of missing phosphatases which exposes a lack of knowledge on their involved in sensing process

Paper is out in Frontiers Physiology journal: read here >>