Editorial in Current Opinions in Systems Biology is out

Marija together with Stefan Hohmann edited the February 2018 issues of Current Opinion in Systems Biology on Future of systems biology.

We have exciting contributions on:

Precision medicine by Przulj Lab phrasing both computational challenges and experimental opportunities aiming to understand both the complex diseases itself as well as possible common molecular mechanisms of seemingly unrelated diseases.

Karr Lab revives the discussion on whole-cell modeling by proposing strategies towards achieving whole-cell models of human cells.

Systems biophysics by Leake Lab focuses on the lowest level of dynamic analysis, that of individual protein molecules in living cells and hence the possibility to study in real time the behavior of protein in their natural environment.

Statistical single cell multi-omics integration by Colomé-Tatché and Theis address the challenge of handling and integrating the new type of omics data that are generated at single cell level.

Synthetic multicellularity by Solé Lab proposes to utilise much of the knowledge gained in recent years to approach in a literally constructive manner the question of how multicellularity can originate in evolution.

You can read full articles at Current Opinions in Systems Biology

Thanks for all the fantastic contributions.